Tanzania is a tourist paradise

TANZANIA offers unlimited scope for tourism it teems with multitudinous (laces fascinating for tourists. Numerous tourists from all over the world visit Tanzania every year, goaded by an eagerness to partake of the charm and grandeur which belongs to same places in Tanzania.

tanzania map

Man, in his insatiable curiosity for change, is sometimes gripped by a desire however ephemeral, for change of his own environment to regions inhabited exclusively by animals. Tanzania affords ample opportunities for the satisfaction of this innate propensity.

In Tanzania we have quite a few national parks as ideal resorts for tourists to name but a few of them, Ngorongoro, Mikumi, Manyara. They hold out unlimited opportunities to our tourists for the observation of wildlife in their natural habitat.

Kearsleys Safari

elephant in serengeti

Tanzania Lake View

wildebeest migration

A visit to these parks breaks the monotony and routine of daily existence, and at once plunges our thoughts into the mysteries of God’s creation.
Here we are face to face with animals whose behavior stand conspicuously revealed to us, offering a marked contrast to the placidity and orderliness of human behavior. We then naturally begin to ponder our different characteristics displayed by different animals whilst safely seated in our vehicles.
The enthralling spectacle presented at these national parks fills our children with delight and joy surpassing even our own thrill.
To take just one example, Ngorongoro Crater has proved to be indisputably ideal as a holiday resort to thousands of tourists.

Lions Eating a Wildebeest

tanzania ngorongoro creater

hyena looking you

Frequent visits to these places stimulates courage in timid hearts, making them resolute in their determination to conquer many adversities of life. They also equip with readiness to face the challenges of daily existence.
On the other hand, our tourists are by no means strangers to the enchanting aspects of life in mountains of Tanzania, a country of indisputable immense with a historic glory of its own. No one will deny that Mount Kilimanjaro, which is the highest in Africa, is nature’s gift to Tanzania.

The splendid beauty of scene and surpasses imagination. The lordly Kilimanjaro exists majestically within the atmosphere of complete solitude which is peaceful and inspiringly grand. In this mountain there arises the charm of mountaineering. It carries the suggestion of eternity. The tremendous height is perhaps chiefly responsible for this suggestion.

mount kilimanjaro

Tanzania is also replete with beautiful beaches where our tourists enjoy natural serenity and congenial surroundings. It is only in Tanzania
that a beach holiday can be combined with a cultural bonanza. In the neighborhood of these beaches are hotels, adequately equipped with amenities to make the stay of tourists comfortable and enjoyable.

tanzania culture tours

masai safari

There are more than the beaches to see for tourists who visit Zanzibar. It is “the Tourist Paradise” The twin islands of Unguja and Pemba, with their numerous islets, some of which are inhabited, nestle in the Indian Ocean sun. This could be your next destination, and a must for that matter.


zanzibar beach

zanzibar stone town

The Stone town is a unique cosmopolitan city which exudes the rich history and culture of the Indian Ocean. Its markets and shops mosques and churches, and other buildings which are of outstanding architectural and historical interest, mingle seamlessly to create an outstanding cultural heritage of the world, blending Arab, Indian, European, and local African traditions. In 2000 Unesco declared it a World Heritage Site.
The number of tourists visiting Tanzania is an eloquent testimony to the universal renown and fame that Tanzania has won itself is the one of the attractive centers for tourism in the world.


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